Fluidodynamic Methane Gas Network Check

icona verifica gas In more than twenty years of experience with big and medium gas distribution companies (Italgas Spa, SnamReteGas Spa, Aes Torino, RomanaGas Spa, Napoletana Gas Spa, Veneziana Gas Spa, Egea Spa) we develop several software to load, check, update, correct and prepare network data for final fluidodynamic checks, made with sw InfoWorks e SynergeeGas.
Our customer appointed us for several checks, thanks to that we acquired a deep knowledge with those two leading software.
In several case we autonomously performed all the activities (from info collection on network and users consumption to the final fluidodynamic check of networks, to the level of criticality calculation, to network extension proposal) preparing results and papers to be present to Aeegsi band (obtain maximum point available and several win).