Methane Gas Network Check

icona VerRetiGas In more than twenty years of experience with big and medium gas distribution companies (Italgas Spa, SnamReteGas Spa, Aes Torino, RomanaGas Spa, Napoletana Gas Spa, Veneziana Gas Spa, Egea Spa) we develop several software to load, check, update, correct and prepare network data for final fluidodynamic checks.
From all these experience VerRetiGas application is born: itis a graphical GIS tool that allow to import different format of catographics files (ArcGis shape, Autocad dwg, Mapinfo tab, Microstation dgn,ecc), check correct gas network topology, update pipes alphanumeric data (diameter, material, roughness, altitude, ecc), edit network path and create automatically needed file for engineering check of network.