Integrated Systems


Data Management Tools

Company mission is accomplished by the execution of several processes. Each of them could need a specific management to track its progress or to make it faster or more accurate. All company processes, if supported by a specific designed software can be optiomized.

Out expertise (more than twenty years) in design and development of custom made software for companies in several fields (services, commerce, industry) allow us to offer our services as great partner for development of software for your business.


GIS Cartography

A GIS is an IT system made by several software tools to acquire, store, extract, transform and view data of geographic items of real world and link them to alphanumeric description.

Several years of experience, achieved thanks to collaboration with leader companies for gas distribution and with public administration, allow us to offer services for the complete life cycle management of these kind of systems, from planning and resources needs evalutation, to the database design and building, finally to the complete development of GIS applications and their maintenance.

data warehouse

Data Warehouse

In a modern company every process is tracked and supported by specific application designed for optimal process performance. This often bring to the fragmentation of information, on different servers, geographically distribuited. Datawarehouse allow to centrally collect and organize company data in one single archive to make it accessible to all company users.

Deep knowledge in most of existent IT platforms and databases allow us to offer ourselves as qulified partner for your business.

business intelligence

Business Intelligence

A business intelligence system transform irregular deorganized data of different IT systems collected during company process into quality data. Company knowldge and experience become a valid support to manager in his strategical, operative choice. A goog business intelligence system have to provide to the several informative need of customers, showing secure real time up to date info in an easy understandable way.

Our expertise allow us to respond to your informative needs.