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Web App & Internet Web Sites

Static web sites are made by page which contains readonly info, they are not updated often and the maintenance is made by directly editing the HTML code. They are the first generation of web sites and are usually design to simply show company or organization services. A key factor in this kind of website is a eye-catch graphic. We have a web design experts team, to fulfill all customer needs.
Dynamic websites and web apps are made by pages that show dynamically created contents, usually with the support of a database, and allow an high interaction between customer and site. They have a bigger range of application than the static sites of course.

SIA offers design and development services for both type of websites by engineering layout drawn by designers and developing code to generate dynamic pages.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEO activity is intended to help users to website contents through search engines. Maximize website relevance to increment traffic and improve website quality to match users info requests, is the object of SEO. Is fundamental to optimize the website not only by making technical operation on HTML but to improve design, user experience, presentation and organitazion of infos too, following leading search engine and social network recommended directives.

Our expertise is available to company that consider a key factor the improvement of website traffic and visibility of services offered on Internet.

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Company Intranet

An intranet it's a company network that uses Internet protocols to manage and share information. Tipically intranet users access company data, take part to company process and communicate by a browser. All accesses, to info and data, are limited to explicitly authorized users only. Applications in intranet use interfaces based on HTTP, sometimes custom developed on company needs.

SIA has grounded competence in Intranet field, since the team starts developing web application in 1997 (EMA London UK, European Medical Agency: web application for medicine approval process track).

app e siti web


eCommerce web sites revolutionized buy and selling traditional way, by removing direct contact between customer and seller and by creating new comunication rules.

SIA offers design and development services for eCommerce solutions to allow goods and services selling through Internet, by the usage of secure connection (HTTPS protocol, to crypt sensible data), with use of electronic cards and on-line payment methods (like credit card authorizations and Paypal).