General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR IT Security Assessment

icona server General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), officially UE regulation n. 2016/679 it's an European Union regulation about privacy and personal data management, adopeted on 27th april 2016, published on GUUE on 4th may 2016, become law on 25th may 2016 and operative on 25th may 2018.
With these rules, European Commission have the objective to make personal data of european citizens security stronger, insiede and outisede UE borders, by giving back to citizens the control of their personal data, by simplify and unify privacy laws inside UE. The law deal with export of personal data outside UE and force all data managament owner (even outside UE) that manage UE citizens personal data to fulfill all expected duty.
SIA offers to customer consultancy to evaluate IT infrastructure and security processes, on security guidelines about data management, as per GDPR, and provide a list of activity to perform to obtain the full GDPR compliance
Inspection and audit in customer offices,
analysis of IT infrastructure and security devices,
internal processes analysise for personal data management,
attività di internal process tuning in collaboration with data security and management responible,
indication on strategy to perform to obtain full GDPR compliance based on managed personal data,
plan of periodic reviews of data management organization and IT infrastructure