Database Administration

Design and administration of corporate, data warehouse

icona database All company processes, in administrative, commercial, design or product environments, are supported by software applications that create or collect big amount of miscellaneous data. Those info, essentials for the company mission, are a big value asset. It's a priority, for the database admin, to enhance these asset, by arrange infos and make them easily accessible but preventing unauthorized access, guaranteeing congruence and accurancy of data, preventing data loss. It is also foundamental to avoid unavailability of database systems and allow data integration from several source or archives.
What we offer:
design and creation of complex and distributed databases,
data warehouse
ordinary administration of company databases: maintenance, migration, tuning, backup...
support for extraordinary operation due to specific needs,
on-site support for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in customer offices,
support for recurring check of systems health with skilled resources,
procedure development in native language for specific elaborations,
data import/export in different formats,
design and creation of backup systems,
support for any other business need.